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There’s no renovation like a Monster renovation.

  • Houston Pool Renovation
  • Best Pool Renovation in Houston, TX

Your old pool needs a makeover, and you’ve been thinking of a pool renovation for some time. At Monster Pool Services, we can resurface, remodel or renovate any swimming pool and breathe new life into your backyard oasis. It may be as simple as a little cosmetic updating with a new plaster or pebble surface and some updated decking or as involved as cleaning water tile coping. No matter what your pool project—large or small—we can make it happen.

Call us today and let’s talk about your remodeling project. We can:

  • Re-plaster your pool’s surface
  • Refinish or replace your decking
  • Repair or replace coping
  • Update or replace cleaning and sanitizing systems
  • Repair or replace stonework
  • Repair or update pool lighting
  • Install, repair or upgrade automated controls
  • Repair or upgrade pumps, filters and heaters